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What is a Session Beer?

Beer Terms: “Session Beer”, “Sessionable”
I have heard this question a lot lately. The definition is somewhat of a moving target as it is subjective.

Basically a session beer is defined as a beer that you can enjoy several of in a sitting. You can see why this varies from person to person. To many people a sessionable beer is in the 3-5% ABV range, and is typically malty, and light, but well balanced with only a small hop bite if any. Good examples would include: most Lagers, Killian’s Red, Sweetwater 420, BlueMoon etc.

These are all easy-drinking beers that go down smooth. A session beer is the comfort food of the beer world. The are usually familiar, and easy to get. As you can see from the examples above, session beers cross beer styles. There is such thing as a sessionable stout, Guiness is a very good example. SweetWater 420 is an extra pale ale. It definitely falls into the category of a session beer.

So when you hear someone say a beer is sessionable, they probably mean they enjoy it, its smooth, but nothing about it really knocks their socks off.

What is your favorite session beer? Leave it in the comments!
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