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Love is a-brewing

Two good friends of mine are getting married this year. You know what’s good at a wedding? Beer, but not just beer, home brew!

So as I said, some friends of mine asked me to make the beer for their wedding. I put a lot of thought into what beers to make. At first my own pallet dictated that I would make some uberly flavorful artisan style beers. My mind ran wild. Maybe a nice slap-your-tongue-off double IPA (see comic below), maybe a nice heavy stout aged with whiskey barrel chips. But alas, this is a wedding not a craft beer festival. The crazy craft beers I came up with just wouldn’t be palatable to the average population.
beer comic
I finally decided on 3 beers for the wedding. Beer 1: An IPA hopped with Galaxy hops, Beer 2: A Nut Brown ale, and Beer 3: An American Hefenweizen. I believe these 3 beers will provide a good balance for a wide variety of pallets. The IPA will prove to be a good choice for the IPA lover, while still being mild and unique for the less experienced beer drinker. Though it will be dry hopped with a good amount of Galaxy, it will not be too bitter and grapefruity (something many non-IPA drinkers complain about), because Galaxy provides more apricot and passion fruit flavors than the strong grapefruit flavors you get from the three C hops (Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus).

The Nut Brown will be a good compromise for those who do want a darker beer like a porter or stout. It will still provide a roasty flavor with toffee, chocolate, and coffee notes, but not in huge quantities. It is a well balanced beer and very easy to drink for non-craft brew lovers. Finally, the American Hefenweizen will likely be the most popular. It is very easy to drink, refreshing, and quite palatable to just about everyone, especially in warm weather.

So over the next two months I will be brewing three batches of beer! I’ll post the recipes and walk you through the brewing process for those that are interested. These will all be extract brews which basically means the step of converting grains to usable sugars has already been done for me. I just buy the dehydrated grain sugars and rehydrate them, then to complete the recipe I add specialty grains, hops, and anything else I want.
I started my first brew lastnight (2/14/2014), the Galaxy IPA, and will post the process and pictures soon!
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