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Sacred Cow Review – Red Brick

Red Brick Sacred Cow
Purchased at: Dogwood Growlers
Brewery: Red Brick
Beer: Sacred Cow
Style: Masala Chai Milk Stout
ABV: 6%
Rating: 4/5
Personal Review:
Namaste fellow beer connoisseurs. Whether you hold the Cow as sacred, or just delicious, this beer has something for everyone. At first sip you can taste the amalgam of spices that make up Masala (a tradition Hindi spice mix). The spice characteristics give way to a great milk stout flavor. The lactose sugars sweeten it just enough but it still finishes with a nice bitterness that compliments the style. If you like Chai tea and you like milk stouts this is the beer for you. Don’t be scared of the spices they are not over powering. You know what this beer would go great with? A burger.


Technical Review:
This beer pours a dark brown color. Slightly lighter than a typical milk stout.
The aroma hints at the Masala spices but is primarily comprised of strong roasted malt.
The mouthfeel is smooth and silky, though lighter than a traditional milk stout.
The taste is initially of Indian spices. This gives way to a well balanced milky stout with hints of toasted bread.
The finish is surprisingly bitter but not in a bad way. The bitter finish is a perfect compliment to the sweet taste.
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Lazy Magnolia’s Timber Beast – The beauty is in the balance.

Purchased at: Dogwood Growlers
Brewery: Lazy Magnolia
Beer: Timber Beast
ABV: 9%
Rating: 4/5

Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast


Personal Review:
The name is fitting. This thing is a BEAST! But not the kind of beast that sneaks up on you in the Siberian forest, rips out your jugular, and then feeds you to it’s young. It’s more like a tamed wolf, loyally at your side, but with a bit of a wild streak. It’s not a pet, more of a partner. Don’t underestimate it, there is a possibility it will turn on you.


Technical Review:
This beer pours a light amber color with an orangish hue, white head, and has good head retention.
The aroma is of citrus, orange peel, grapefruit, and has a slight green, grassy smell.
The mouthfeel is smooth and silky.
The taste is surprising after the aroma. It is maltier than expected, but  VERY well balanced. The taste is very sweet and there are hints of caramel.
The finish lights up your senses with a beautiful bouquet of hops, but not too much. The beauty of this beer is truly in the balance.
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Finch’s Fascist Pig – Not your standard Red Ale.

Finch's Fascist Pig

Finch’s Fascist Pig


Brewery: Finch’s
Beer: Fascist Pig
ABV: 8%
Rating: 4/5


Personal Review:
Need someone to cuddle with? Cozy on up to this malty masterpiece. This red ale is a bit of a rebel, but it has a soft spot. It defies a category of beer filled with generic, overly malty brews, and spices things up with some dry-hops (Palisade and Zythos). One sip and you’ll feel safe in the company of this brew. It will patiently listen to your worries and when you’re done venting, it will give you a light smack on the cheek to knock you out if it.


Technical Review:
This beer pours a slightly cloudy, amber color with a surprisingly white head in comparison to the color of the beer.
The aroma is sweet and fruity with hints of citrus accented with biscuit notes.
The mouthfeel is smooth with just a slight thickness.
The taste compliments the aroma. It is sweet with a slight biscuit flavor. You will also notice an apricot fruitiness.

The initial taste steps aside to reveal a nice finish. The finish is light and crisp with an inviting citrus flavor that perfectly follows slightly heavy malt body.

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