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The Grainfather

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog…. Sadly, almost a year. Hopefully I will keep a better public record of my beer activities from here on out. I’ve upgrading my brewing equipment and moved on to all-grain brewing. I have been extract brewing for almost 7 years now and decided it’s time to step up my brewing game. As we all know, ultimately, every home-brewer wants to move to all-grain brewing if they do not start there.

So you know the story…. I went out and bought a few old half-kegs, cut the tops off, bought  hundreds of dollars in valves and steelhead pumps, built a frame for it all complete with burners….. If only there was an easier way! – Well there is. I actually never did any  of that. For less (read zero) work and about the same amount of money I sprang for a fairly new offering from our Aussie friends. I present to you the all-in-one brewing system; The Grainfather:

The Grainfather

The Grainfather

I actually got a great deal on it. I can not find it for less than $900 shipped online. My good friends down at Dogwood Growlers in Woodstock hooked me up with a Grainfather for a great price! If you are interesting in switching from extract to all-grain, from my research, this is the way to go. I’ll be brewing my first batch of beer on the Grainfather Friday and will update the blog with my experience!


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Woodstock Homebrew Supplies – Dogwood Growlers

Dogwood Growlers has really stepped up their game! When I started visiting Ernesto for my weekly growler(s), his shop seemed a bit empty. But I didn’t care! How could I? Good local craft beer was now right around the corner. Now when you walk in, you are inundated with choices.


Ernesto now carries a HUGE range of great bottled craft beer. Some of it is hard to find elsewhere and in limited supply. It is easy to tell he tries hard to stock a wide range of in-demand craft brews.


For those of us who prefer a grape-based fermented beverage, Ernesto started carrying wine as well now. Does the wife get jealous when you walk in the house with a growler? Pick her up a bottle of wine.

Homebrew Supplies:

Now for the best part. Dogwood Growlers now carries a GREAT assortment of home brew supplies! From beginners equipment all the way up to malted grains and 50 different kinds of hops. Dogwood Growlers is now a great local source for home brew supplies. Ernesto has even started making his own custom beer kits.

I love watching and supporting small businesses as they grow. I hope you do too. Why buy online when you can support your local growler, and now, homebrew shop?

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