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Author: Forrest Biel
Email: fjbiel@yahoo.com


I started this blog for many reasons. Primarily, I drink a wide variety of beer and wanted to keep track of my thoughts on them. I hope my beer reviews can help you when you’re looking for a good beer, or need an informed opinion on one. If nothing else, I hope they make you laugh.

I am a home brewer and long time craft beer advocate. As with many reviewers/critics I have a particular palette that will effect my ratings. If you have a similar palette, or know my palette you can probably judge from my reviews whether you would like a  beer or not.

To start, I like IPAs. No, I LOVE IPAs! I want to feel like I am in a boxing ring with the dry hops and I quite honestly prefer to lose. When I place my nose above the glass I want singed nose hairs. If a small amount of the skin on the tip of my nose dies, you have put the right amount of hops in the beer.

I like Stouts, and Porters, and I like them dark, roasty, earthy, burnt, and black. I want them to try to choke me on the way down, and I want them thick. I want to feel like I am stuck in a mud pit fighting for my life when I take a sip.

With all of this being said, I will find the occasional mild beer that sits right. The perfect blend of malted grains and hops that sing like a choir of angels on my pallet. These, are however, far and few between. For the most part I want my beer to remind me that I am ALIVE! A living, breathing, organism fighting for survival, and I want my taste buds to feel that way too.

Thanks for reading, and happy drinking!

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